"When my husband died from lung cancer caused by his asbestos exposure I was devastated. I felt very strongly that the companies that manufactured and sold the asbestos that made my husband sick should take responsibility for their actions. My family turned to Carlile Law Firm LLP for help. It was my hope that by pursuing a wrongful death case that my actions would maybe influence the conduct of the negligent companies so that other workers weren't hurt in the future. The lawyers and staff at Carlile Law Firm LLP did a great job of aggressively pursuing my case while at the same time showing me the compassion and sensitivity that I needed during a difficult time. I highly recommend this firm."

P. B.

Henderson, Texas

"When my son suffered serious injuries in car accident, he knew he would need a good lawyer. He chose Carlile Law Firm LLP. Because of a head injury and other impairments caused by the car wreck my son was going to need ongoing medical care for several years. When the insurance company of the negligent driver refused to pay his medical bills and lost wages the lawyers at Carlile Law Firm LLP took action and filed suit. Eventually my son's case went to trial and thankfully a jury found in his favor awarding him a significant amount of money sufficient to pay all his past bills and cover his medical needs in the future."

B. B.

Marshall, Texas

"My husband worked for many years at a foundry which was a dangerous job which caused damage to his lungs and impaired his breathing. Once my husband got to the point that he was disabled and on oxygen, we knew that his medical bills were going to be great and that his quality of life was damaged forever. We decided to talk to the lawyers at Carlile Law Firm LLP about our rights, and boy are we glad we did. The attorneys at Carlile Law Firm LLP investigated the situation and determined that my husband's health problems were caused by silica dust that he inhaled at work. Eventually they filed suit against the companies that sold the silica sand for inadequate warnings. Our case went to court and after a week long trial the jury found in our favor awarding my husband and I significant damages."

L. D.

Marshall, Texas

"I worked for many years as a contract welder. Some of my work involved repair heavy equipment. One day while working on a large piece of mining equipment I was severely injured. Part of my foot was crushed with the equipment I was working on fell off its braces and onto my legs and feet. I was lucky to be alive. After getting out of the hospital, I had mounting medical bills and the doctors told the damage to my feet and legs was permanent. I turned to the lawyers at Carlile Law Firm LLP for help. The attorney handling my case investigated the accident and found that the accident was caused by the negligence of others. My lawyer filed a suit on my behalf and eventually the defendant companies that we sued decided to settle with me rather than go to court. The money I received helped to pay my medical bills and lost wages. It also allowed me to start my own business in a much less dangerous occupation. Throughout the process, my lawyers kept me up to date on the case which helped to put my mind at ease during a difficult time in my life."

T. B.

Tatum, Texas

"I worked at several refineries and chemical plants during my career. As part of job, I was often around valves and equipment that contained benzene. When I got older I became sick with a disease called myelodysplastic syndrome which is a rare disorder of the blood. Eventually, I learned that exposure to benzene could cause myelodysplastic syndrome. I also learned that many people with myelodysplastic syndrome eventually develop leukemia. That is when I knew that I need to talk to a lawyer about my rights. I choose the attorneys at Carlile Law Firm LLP in Marshall, Texas. The lawyers at Carlile Law Firm LLP have handled hundreds of chemical exposure cases including injuries caused by benzene. They knew which companies were responsible and how to make them accountable in court. Eventually, my case settled before trial and I received compensation to help with my medical bills and future medical needs. I recommend this firm to anyone that needs a good lawyer that will work hard on their case."

R. B.

Tatum, Texas

"I worked offshore for many years in the construction trade for oil and gas companies. My work took me to many foreign countries around the world. As I got older, I started having problems with my breathing. I also developed cancer. Eventually, I learned that my breathing problems were caused by exposure to asbestos. There was a lot of asbestos used on the barges and ships that I worked on offshore. I also learned that my cancer was linked to some of the chemicals that we used to test welding that was performed on piping. Since my health problems serious and my medical bills increasing, I knew that I needed to talk to a good lawyer. I chose the attorneys at Carlile Law Firm LLP. The lawyers at Carlile Law Firm LLP were very experienced in handling asbestos cases and cases with people that worked offshore. The lawyers and staff were great to work with and handled my case with the professionalism and respect I deserved."

Z. H.

Garrison, Texas

"I was severely injured when the truck I was driving was rear-ended by an eighteen wheeler. I had to have surgery to my spine and missed a good deal of work. The lawyers and staff at the Carlile Law Firm were a god send. They helped me navigate the process with the insurance company and, ultimately, negotiated a fair settlement for me and my family.

T. R.

Marshall, Texas

"I was severely injured and almost killed when a piece of industrial equipment that I was working on malfunction. I had multiple surgeries to my spine and knees and could no longer work because of my injuries. As stressful as my situation was at the time, I always drew comfort knowing that I had the Carlile Law Firm, LLP in my corner. My lawyer and his staff were caring and compassionate to both me and my wife. They treated us like family and not just another case. Through hard work, my case was eventually resolved and my life restored. I highly recommend this law firm.

J. R. C.

Marshall, Texas

"When I retired, my wife and I bought our dream home. Then one night an explosion in our neighbor's garage destroyed most of our house. Thankfully we were not hurt but our home and possessions were ruined. When the insurance company that insured the neighbor's home refused to compensate us for the damage to our home and possessions, we called the Carlile Law Firm. The lawyers at the Carlile Law Firm extensively investigated the cause of the explosion and eventually took our case to trial when the insurance company refused to take responsibility. We won the trial and the jury ordered the insurance company to pay us damages for all of our losses. These guys are great!

J. C.

Longview, Texas